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Life Coach and Business Mentor
George Helou is the founder of the EP7 - Empowered for Purpose Life Coach and Business Mentoring Program. 

Find how you can better serve your customers, increase your profits and empower your work culture by two time best selling author and MindPower Life Coach who has done it for himself many times over. George is based in East Perth and offers life and business coaching services.  George offers a free 90 minute free coaching session with no obligation. Experience the power of Quantum Evolver today! Call 08 6102 1099 to book in your free session. 

EP7 Services

All coaching is founded on 7 steps called EP7 - you can read it here at or go directly to the Empowered for Purpose page. 
Quantum Evolver works to evolve the perception and skills of management and staff, so they become more focused, self-empowered, autonomous, responsible and reliable. Evolving your business through MindPower and quantum principled action will help you discover how easy evolving your business can be
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Assessing a Business Coach

Choosing a business coach right for you can sometimes feel like you are flying blind. Its important to develop the eyes to assess what type of business coach will be most effective for your personal and business.
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Business Coach's Portfolio
View the work of a life and business coach who has successfully created businesses from scratch. Walking the talk is expected from a life or business coach.